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This Week-ish in Theoretical Physics

Surely it is hubris on my part to presume to co-opt the title of the venerable online column “This Week’s Finds in Mathematical Physics” written for nearly seventeen years by the great doyen of mathematical communication – John Baez. However, not finding any other takers for this task I figured … why not? So here… Continue reading This Week-ish in Theoretical Physics

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Implementing Quaternions in Julia

Julia is making waves in the scientific programming community as the language to learn if you truly want to be a computational code ninja. I won’t list out all the features which make Julia such an incredilicious language to learn. You can’t go clicks on the internet without stumbling into a paean to Julia, so… Continue reading Implementing Quaternions in Julia


On the Compactness of Anti-deSitter Space

In my last post, on the IAGRG30 Conference held at BITS Hyderabad, I had mentioned how during my talk I was corrected by Amitabh Virmani on a seemingly technical point. My talk was on connecting String Theory with Loop Quantum Gravity and as is inevitable in any such talk I opened with a brief description… Continue reading On the Compactness of Anti-deSitter Space

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IAGRG30 – Kepler, Maldacena, Ashtekar and all that …

IAGRG30 – India’s Biennial Gravity Meetup I was recently in BITS Hyderabad 1 attending the 30th meeting of the Indian Association for General Relativity and Gravitation (IAGRG30). I was pleasantly surprised that my abstract was selected for a talk and that too for the very first talk on the first day of the “Quantum Gravity”… Continue reading IAGRG30 – Kepler, Maldacena, Ashtekar and all that …


Comment on “A Post-Quantum Theory of Classical Gravity”

Sometime ago Jonathan Oppenheim, one of the brightest minds in the frontiers  of quantum information and quantum foundations, posted a very interesting article on arXiv. As is the custom these days, he announced the paper in a series of tweets, starting with: A post-quantum theory of classical gravity? A consistent theory of classical gravity… Continue reading Comment on “A Post-Quantum Theory of Classical Gravity”


Cosmological Curvature and the Planck Scale

While reading up on anti-deSitter spaces in , I encountered the following quote attributed to Gauss by the author: “I have sometimes in jest expressed the wish that Euclidean geometry is not true. For then we would have an absolute a priori unit of measurement.” This is not just an empty wish. If quantum gravity… Continue reading Cosmological Curvature and the Planck Scale


DAE-HEP 2018 – Preons, Fermions and All That

The 23th DAE-BRNS High Energy Physics Symposium was held at IIT Madras from Dec 10 – Dec 14. It was an interesting event. I met lots of very smart people. My abstract based on my paper had been selected for a talk in the “Formal Theory” parallel session on Dec 11. Interestingly the talk preceding… Continue reading DAE-HEP 2018 – Preons, Fermions and All That


Zotero vs Mendeley

There are two nice reference management apps out there with desktop and web versions: Mendeley and Zotero. Zotero is apparently the original open source version from which the developers of Mendeley decided to develop a more commercial version, which was eventually taken over by Elsevier. Mendeley is the more polished, functional and useful software. So… Continue reading Zotero vs Mendeley


Shoucheng Zhang, 1963-2018

In Memoriam I never had the good fortune of meeting or personally knowing Shoucheng Zhang. Nevertheless he has had a profound influence on my academic career. As the world learned sometime last week, Zhang passed away suddenly on December 1 “after fighting a battle with depression” 1. He was one of the world’s greatest theoretical… Continue reading Shoucheng Zhang, 1963-2018