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Theoretical Physicists in India

There are many research centers and researchers in India working in hep-th (High Energy Physics, Theory), gr-qc (General Relativity/Quantum Cosmology) and quant-ph (Quantum Physics). However they are scattered all over the place and I have not been able to find a place which lists the names of places and individuals working in these fields in… Continue reading Theoretical Physicists in India


Competitive Nationalism and (the myth of) Islamic Homogeneity

Recently the Chief Minister of Karnataka, Mr. Siddharamaiah, made the following observation on twitter regarding the recent communally motivated murders in the Dakshin Kannada (South Karnataka) district. Expressing grief as the deaths of both victims from different communities, he described the tragic incidents as the results of “competitive fanaticism” between extremists on either side This… Continue reading Competitive Nationalism and (the myth of) Islamic Homogeneity