Comment on “A Post-Quantum Theory of Classical Gravity”

Sometime ago Jonathan Oppenheim, one of the brightest minds in the frontiers  of quantum information and quantum foundations, posted a very interesting article on arXiv. As is the custom these days, he announced the paper in a series of tweets, starting with: A post-quantum theory of classical gravity? A consistent theory of classical gravity… Continue reading Comment on “A Post-Quantum Theory of Classical Gravity”

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Theoretical Physicists in India

There are many research centers and researchers in India working in hep-th (High Energy Physics, Theory), gr-qc (General Relativity/Quantum Cosmology) and quant-ph (Quantum Physics). However they are scattered all over the place and I have not been able to find a place which lists the names of places and individuals working in these fields in… Continue reading Theoretical Physicists in India