This Year-ish in Theoretical Physics

The previous episode of “this week-ish” was posted on June 5. Its been six months since then. I guess its time to post another volume but to be fair the title of this post has been changed to reflect the longer time span its contents refer to. Gravity as Quantum Computation (contd from Vol. 1)… Continue reading This Year-ish in Theoretical Physics

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Social Relevance of Quantum Gravity

Other 1 than all the other very good theoretical reasons for wanting a theory of quantum gravity, there are some very good practical reasons for wanting such a theory. Ultimately the fate of scientists, theorists and experimentalists alike, rests in the hands of the general public and its elected or appointed political representatives. Why, after… Continue reading Social Relevance of Quantum Gravity


Transcending Bad Sci-Fi

So I was watching “Transcendence”, the latest cinematic attempt to generate public hysteria about Artificial Intelligence (AI), or more specifically about Hard AI. I stopped watching around the 42 minute mark. Johnny Depp’s remarkably good portrayal of a scientist dying a slow and painful death from Polonium poisoning had kept me watching despite the utter… Continue reading Transcending Bad Sci-Fi